Commercial Software

In addition to building custom software, we make and sell:


RetroacDev helps software companies claim the Research and Development Tax Credit.

Plug it into your GitHub or Bitbucket account, and RetroacDev constructs time estimates for how much time each software engineer spent on each project. Then it walks you through questions to determine how much of each project counts as Qualified Research.

We built it for our own use, and the first year we used RetroacDev, it got Zagaran over $10,000 in tax credits.

Instant Census

Instant Census is a platform for sending automated text message surveys.

Customer service-focused companies use Instant Census to ask quick feedback surveys.

Academic researchers use Instant Census for diary studies (questions every few hours), long-term unintrusive studies, and connecting with difficult-to-reach populations like migrant farmworkers.

Open Source Libraries

Our work relies on open source software, and we do what we can to contribute back to the open source community. These are some of the projects we've created and maintain:


Mongolia is a Python Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) for MongoDB.

Mongolia makes it easier to read, write, and manipulate Mongo database objects by letting your Python application interact with them as Python objects. You can install Mongolia through Pip, the Python package manager:

pip install mongolia


Cronutils is a Python library that simplifies configuring and triggering recurring tasks with Cron.

When errors occur in your scheduled tasks, Cronutils aggregates and formats the stack traces to make them easier to sift through and track.

Cronutils also lets you configure how long a task can run before sending a warning message, and how long a task can run before it gets terminated. You can install Cronutils through Pip:

pip install cronutils


Silica is an early-stage project that aims to reduce the repetitive code used for frontend-backend interfacing in web applications. It helps you keep your code DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself), like how Silica gel packets keep food dry- yep, it's a corny pun!

The current version is primarily for combining Python Django and AngularJS. We are looking for collaborators to help us with this project!

Mongo Backup

Mongo Backup is a Python library that simplifies backing up a MongoDB database locally, to Network Attached Storage, and/or to Amazon Web Services S3. It also simplifies the task of restoring a MongoDB database from a backup file.

You can install Mongobackup through Pip:

pip install mongobackup