If you can dream it, we can build it. (As long as it's software.)

We build custom software.

We are software experts who write applications, algorithms, and websites, and set up servers and databases for companies, hospitals, universities, and governments.

Zagaran is a technology solution provider that provides you with enterprise solutions. As a full-stack team, we can handle everything from backend systems and scaling infrastructure to frontend user interfaces. If you need a software system that has special hardware connected to a smartphone application connected to a web application hosted on a cloud server, we can build all of the software for you, from start to finish.

Why use us?

Zagaran's clients have hired us to perform huge database migrations, massively scale their web service, design complex systems, undertake technical clean-up, build custom iOS and Android apps from scratch, and develop critical features for their products.

With our extensive skill set, Zagaran can help you and your company with all phases of execution, from testing and optimization to deployment architecture and implementing best practices. Accelerate your application development and deployment with help from the Zagaran Consulting Team.

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What's with the name?

Zagaran is a Himalayan mountain pass. It also contains elements of our founders' names.