Instant Census

Instant Census is an SMS-based research tool that allows researchers in all fields to gather data more quickly and effectively by sending their participants dynamic SMS surveys. It is a fully-automated system designed to intelligently elicit information in real-time. Massively scalable and deployable to anyone who owns a basic cellphone, the system is fast and easy to use for researchers and subjects alike. For more details on how our tool can improve your research, visit or Contact us.

Open Source Code

Mongolia, Cronutils, Mongo Backup

Our custom Python wrapper/ORM for MongoDB, Python recurring task library, and Python library to backup mongo databases are now open-sourced to the world. We are expert Python developers. Do you need Python development or Mongo DB integration services? Contact us.

Arbitrarily Scalable Data Storage Solution

How big are your tables or collections? Growing data is one of the biggest challenges to scalability that many companies face:

Imagine an arbitrarily scalable and fully recoverable database solution. For companies that need to store ever-growing heavy insert and read data flows, we offer an new, innovative infrastructure-as-a-service solution to solve your problem. For more info, Contact us.

Collaborative Diagramming Flowchart Tool

Make flowcharts, user stories, technical system specifications, and other diagrams collaboratively with your team using our tool that takes care of the version control. Edit diagrams directly or edit the easy-to-read text representation. Use our comparison feature to compare between versions. For more info, Contact us.